There is more information about Slacklining out there on the Internet than you can shake a stick at.
We plan to feature any good sites and informational resources about the sport on this page.

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Wikipedia has some good information about the sport in all its various forms.

YouTube is an excellent resource with a huge amount of videos of Slackliners in action.
You can find video tutorials explaining everything from setting up a line and mastering the basics,
right up to learning advanced tricks.

The UK Slackline Association  is a representative body working on behalf of all Slackline
disciplines in the UK.

The International Slackline Association is building a federation of national and local slackline
organisations to support the community and develop safety standards within the sport.

Ru-Slack is both the leading and longest running slackline delivery organisation in the UK.
Operating as a social enterprise with the aim of creating social capital by developing andRu Slack
educating people through the medium of Slacklining, since 2012 they have walked over 10,000
people through their first steps on a slackline.
To find out more about Ru-Slack or to book slacklining for your event visit

Slackline World Records & Unique Adventures can be seen at

Balance Community have a huge online range of quality slackline and highline equipment as well
as being a great knowledge base for all things related to the sport.

For all things related to Balance Training, checkout

Absolute Slacklines is a Canadian venture that promotes and providesAbsolute Slacklines
slackline kits and other slackline products, as well as information about slacklining, tips, tutorial videos, pictures, community networks and more.

Slackline Hivefly is a comprehensive resource for both newcomers and advanced Slackers.

Great interview with professional highliner and skier Ari DeLashmutt.
Highline Interview

If you know of any other good sites that you feel should be mentioned here, then please
Contact us and let us know.

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