Reviews of Slacklines and related outdoor and activity equipment

Here we feature some of the best Slackline equipment that we have found online (and in many cases used ourselves) and summarise the review details and information for your easy perusal. We also provide review summaries of trampolines and other fun, outdoor activity equipment.

Slackline Sets

Alpidex 15 Metre slackline set
Gibbon Classic Line The perfect line for beginners.
Gibbon Surfer Line Advanced line for the developing slacker.
Elephant Slacklines Wingline A 35mm wide slackline with a unique line shape.
Macaco slackline kit
Trailblaze slackline kit A complete slackline kit with tree protectors and training line.

Slackline kits for children

Ninja Line by NinjaSafe Slacklines A full set packed with obstacles, perfect for you and your kids.


Bcan 40 Trampoline
Zupapa Silent Trampoline
Serenelife Trampoline
Evre Trampoline
Tetake Trampoline
Ultrasport Garden Trampoline
Cloris Trampoline

Camping Tents

What is better than Slacklining? Slacklining and camping at the same time! Checkout these tent reviews and plan that perfect slack-camp adventure.

Trespass Pop-Up Beach Tent
Outsunny Camping Tent
Hewolf Pop Up Tent
Gazelle T4 Plus Tent
Vango Scafell 200 Tent
Eurohike Ribble 3 Tent