Ninja Line Slackline Review

The Ninja Line is an innovative piece of fitness equipment that’s quickly gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts of all ages. It’s a fun and challenging way to improve your upper body strength, balance, and agility while also having a great time outdoors.

There are many companies that manufacture the Ninja Line, however, we have chosen to feature the one produced by NinjaSafe Slacklines as it is one of the best value sets with the best reviews that we have seen. If you want to go for the more high end kits then take a look at the bottom of this page where we show the true Rolls Royce’s of the Ninja Line world.

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Ninja Obstacle Course for Kids Backyard - 10 Durable Obstacles and 15m Slackline - Outdoor Playset...
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Ninja Obstacle Course for Kids Backyard - 10 Durable Obstacles and 15m Slackline - Outdoor Playset...
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS: Offering a broad range of workout activities, our ninja course helps the whole family train like ninjas—letting them strengthen their core & enhance overall strength for a healthier lifestyle
  • GREAT VALUE KIT: Our ninja obstacle obstacle course has 10 accessories with the 4 most favorable obstacles for your training fortress: climbing net, climbing ladder, 360 spinning wheel, & freestyle rings
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR KIDS: Packed in an attractive gift box, our kids ninja obstacle course is a great gift for children! Make their birthday a merry one with our slackline obstacle course
  • STRESS-FREE SETUP: Our ninja course can be quickly installed! You only need 2 trees with a distance between 5 to 14 meters apart and our easy instruction manual will guide you
  • TOP - QUALITY DESIGN: Made ultra-durable materials & safe for everyone, our ninja kids obstacle course passed intensive tests & has certificates like CE, CPSC, & UKCA - We do not compromise on our outdoor toys

This kit scores an average review of 4.5/5 on from over 500 reviews.

At its core, the Ninja Line is a simple slackline strap that can be easily set up between two sturdy anchors, such as trees or poles. The line is typically around 30 feet long and can be adjusted in height to provide different difficulty levels.

What really sets the Ninja Line apart, however, is the variety of obstacles that can be attached to it. These obstacles include monkey bars, gymnastics rings, hanging ladders, ropes, and more. They can be easily attached and adjusted along the length of the line, allowing you to customise your workout and challenge yourself in different ways.

One of the great things about the Ninja Line is that it’s suitable for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, you can find the right challenge. And because the line is adjustable, you can continue to progress and challenge yourself as you get stronger and more confident.

For kids, the Ninja Line is a particularly appealing way to get active and burn off energy. The obstacles provide a fun and exciting way to play outside, and they can be adjusted to suit different ages and abilities. And because the line is sturdy and secure, parents can feel confident that their kids are safe while they play.

But it’s not just kids who can benefit from the Ninja Line. For adults, it provides a unique and effective way to improve their overall fitness. The combination of strength, balance, and agility required to navigate the obstacles on the line make for a challenging and rewarding workout that’s sure to get your heart rate up.

And because the obstacles on the line can be adjusted and combined in different ways, there’s no shortage of variety when it comes to the types of exercises you can do. From swinging on the rings to climbing the monkey bars to traversing the line itself, there are endless possibilities for building strength and endurance.

Of course, as with any physical activity, it’s important to approach the Ninja Line with caution and care. Always make sure the line is set up securely and on stable anchors, and be sure to use proper form and technique when navigating the obstacles. If you’re new to the Ninja Line or are unsure about proper technique, consider working with a trainer or coach who can guide you and provide tips for safe and effective training.

Overall, the Ninja Line is a fantastic addition to any fitness routine. It’s a fun and challenging way to improve your strength, balance, and agility while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a way to get your kids active or want to challenge yourself with a unique and exciting workout, the Ninja Line is definitely worth checking out.

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Setting up a Ninja Line without trees

For many people there is the problem of how to setup a Ninja Line if you don’t have two strong trees the correct distance apart. In this instance, if you have enough land or garden space, it can be possible to setup two strong anchoring posts, this article by Bolderplay gives some good information on setting up a ninja line without trees . Always remember to read the manufacturers installation instructions before setting up the line.