Slackline Tricks

For many Slackliners, once the basics of walking and turning on the line have been mastered,
then the next natural progression is to start learning slackline tricks on the trickline.

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To help you get started with tricklining we feature video tutorials (courtesy of Slackline Industries)
of some of the key tricks that you can learn as you begin your trickline odyssey.

Always ensure that you use a backup line to secure your ratchets or pulleys when
tricklining and a safety crash mat is strongly advised.

Slackline Trick Video Tutorials

butt bounce



Butt Bounce – Essential core trick to get started with tricklining.

drop knee



Drop Knee – Amazing static trick, but stretch those legs first!

back bounce



Back Bounce – Difficult one to learn, but it separates the men from the boys.




Buddha and Sole Food
– Two great static moves, useful for building into your combinations.

butt 180 butt




Butt Bounce 180 to Butt – Awesome dynamic trick that allows you to change direction on the line.

line surfing



Line Surfing  – A simple trick that is a lot of fun and looks great.


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