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Butt Bounce 180 to Butt

The next step on from the Butt Bounce is the Butt Bounce 180 to Butt.

This is a trick that will take you from being a budding trickliner into the intermediate level. It will really help with your routines and combos as it allows you to change direction on the line. In just one dynamic move you can change the direction that you are facing.

It is not a simple trick to master, but we advise you to persevere with learning it for the above reasons. It also looks amazing and is hugely satisfying once you can land it.


A few tips to keep in mind while learning this trick.

– In the video, the trick is performed by rotating backwards over the line.
It is also possible to rotate forwards, try both and see which feels right for you.
– Make sure you start your rotation at the bottom of your first bounce, as soon as the line starts to propel you upwards.
– If rotating backwards as in the video, make sure you lock your focus onto a point at the end of the line in the direction that you will be facing when you land. This will help stop you from over rotating.
– Make sure that you are fully able to cartwheel out of a fall from the line before trying the Butt 180 Butt.
Safety mats are strongly advised while learning this one.